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Frein filet ( pré-induction ) – Tuflok® et autres

Working closely with industry leaders, GTA is able to provide you with a complete solution for your screwdriving needs with pre-applied thread-locker.

Application of Tuflok® thread-locker and others.

  Tuflok® is the most widely used polyamide braking product in the world. It is also known as “Nylon® Blue Patch.     Tuflok® is a nylon powder that is applied to the heated threaded part. During screwing, the nylon is compressed. The radial tension created by the elastic deformation of the product causes braking by increasing friction. The braking is repositionable because the deformation of the polyamide is partially reversible and therefore allows the part to be screwed on and off several times. The braking function is active immediately after screwing.  


  • Tuflok® 180
  The Tuflok® 180 coating is applied to approximately 180° of the screw circumference. It offers excellent shock and vibration resistance. It can be reused several times. Tuflok® is effective even on joints under tension. It is particularly recommended for use on set screws.
  • Tuflok®360
  The Tuflok® 360 coating is applied around the entire circumference of the part. It is suitable for applications requiring braking and/or sealing against liquids or gases. It can also be reused several times.
The Tuflok® patch is known for its economic advantages. It allows the same screw to be fitted several times. Maintenance and dismantling operations are therefore simplified and more economical


  • Can be reused several times
  • Good shock and vibration resistance
  • Adjustable torque depending on the application
  • Adjustable patch position and width
  • Replaces braking systems such as nuts, self-locking nuts, lock washers, pins, etc.
  • Braking with or without tension in the assembly
  • No polymerisation: braking and sealing are immediate
  • Good resistance to chemicals: alcohols, petrol, diesel, oils, paraffins.


  • Operating temperature -56°C to +120°C
  • Storage of coated screws Infinite
  • Coefficient of friction 0.3 / 0.4
  • 180° deposition Low mechanical braking
  • 360° deposition Low mechanical braking + sealing
  • Reusable (complete disassembly / reassembly) 5 times


  • The tolerance should be 6g/6H, even after treatment. Lower tolerances may result in peeling of the pre-coating product.
  • An entry chamfer of at least 90° is recommended in order to avoid the phenomena of product rise and peeling.
  • The surfaces in contact must be compatible (beware of thermal expansion).
  • It should be remembered that lubricants have a negative influence on the performance of the product.

Tuflok® is approved to many standards: Renault 39-02-010 P.S.A B141235 DIN 267-28 IFI124 & 524 BS 7715:1994 GM 6189p WA 970 JFS 02.01.04 Non exhaustive list   Other thread-lockers possible:

  • PatlokC
  • Precote ®
  • Anulok®
  • Nylon Dog point
  • Eslok®
  • Wedgelok®


The latest achievements in TUFLOK® coating

  Some possibilities of steel screws 8.8 ou 10.9  zinc-plated with thread-locker according to Din 267 ( blue nylon patch ) on stock. https://www.visserie-boulonnerie-speciale.com/en/our-possibilities-on-stock/blue-nylon-patch-screws-on-stock/