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According To Plan

Depending on your needs, we are able to best target the manufacturing unit that will be able to provide you with a competitive and quality solution.

This choice depends on many factors:

  • the type of parts
  • the quantity
  • the material
  • the requested time

We are able to provide you with all types of fasteners.

Our achievements



Cold Stamping

Cold stamping is based on the principle of the deformation of materials in a few hundredths of a second: a piece (of mass identical to the desired final piece) is sheared, then pushed back by several successive strikes that will give it its final shape. The origins of cold stamping are found in bolting work with the production of small parts.

Cold stamping is a cold forging process.

Process used for medium and large quantities mainly on small diameters.



Rolling or machined thread

Two types of threading:

  • Machined threading which consists of removing material
  • The rolled thread which consists of deforming the material. So the matter is not torn. The thread is therefore more resistant.
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